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Back to Nature - Natural Heritage

Soft –High Adventure  3 day/2 night

Northern New York offers thousands of acres of unspoiled land and interpretive living history sites.  Start slow taking in the tastes and smells of the region and move on to listen, learn and experience nature at its finest.    Follow the paths of glaciers as the tour winds through the Tug Hill Plateau, St. Lawrence River Valley and the Adirondack High Peaks.  

Gilded Age Castles & Camps

Soft Adventure – Walking tours  3 days/2 nights

During the Gilded Age families of great wealth from cities in the Northeast would travel to Northern New York to relax and enjoy the fresh air and slow pace of the 1000 Islands and the Adirondacks.  Grand estates and compounds were constructed, sparing no expense.  Each build was to be finer than the one before…a competition of sorts to display one’s stature.  Step back in time and relive the past.

Wet & Wild –

Waterways of the North Country

Soft Adventure  2 Day/1Night

Long before planes, trains and automobiles, North Country natives utilized the water for transportation.  Everyone and everything was moved by water.  Subsequently, towns and villages popped up along the shorelines.  Today our waterways are still used to move millions of dollars of commercial goods but also plays host to millions of recreational boaters seeking a quiet ride on our protected waters.  

Legacies of War - Miltary Heritage

Soft Adventure – Walking tours  3 days/2 nights

Soft Adventure – 3 Days/2 Nights

The North Country has seen its share of battles in several military conflicts.  The French and Indian War, the American Revolution, the Civil War and the War of 1812 have all left scars on our landscape and our hearts.  Control of the waterways of the North Country proved to be crucial.  Expansive fortifications on the waterfront protected the inland regions.


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